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Product: Antec P182 PC Case
Date: June 18, 2007
Author: Colin Dean
Edited By: Ashley Donaldson
Provided By: Antec
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First Look

The P182 is shiny with black edges and highlights. It's also incredibly heavy-most users will probably want to get a case carrying strap rather than attempt to pick this thing up. I can imagine that a computer built into this case would be even heavier once everything is in. One might even need wheels!

There's a fan on the top of the case. It's a 120 mm Antec TriCool fan, which means that it can be stepped down to diminish the noise at the cost of slightly less cooling power. There's a neat grill to cover it, too, so that things such as children's' fingers don't accidentally fall into the fan.

The standard front panel ports are on the front of the case: Firewire, two USB, headphones, and microphone. There's also a lock for the security conscious. The front door is held shut magnetically and is very sturdy. However, the hinges felt just short of breaking when I attempted to open it to the 270 degree position.

Inside the door, there are four 5.25" bays and one 3.5" bay. Two fan grills provide front airflow.

The rear of the case it pretty spectacular, too. At the top, there's two switches that control the top and rear TriCool fans. Towards the bottom, there are two holes for water-cooling pipes.

The power supply sits at the bottom of the case in its own chamber-more on that in the Inside section. Large, black thumbscrews keep the side on.

Real Time Pricing

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