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Product: BestFeel VisRa PS, VisLa PS, and VisFa Gaming Mousepads
Date: June 8, 2007
Author: Frank Stroupe
Edited By: Bob Buskirk
Provided By: BestFeel Gaming
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If you really think about it, a gaming mousepad is the thing that sets the really serious gamer apart from the others. You build or buy this really powerful system, complete with a powerful gaming video card.or two.or four, a rather pricey 7.1 sound card, then you invest in surround sound speakers or upper end headphones, get a gaming keyboard, and buy a really nice high DPI gaming mouse. And then drag the mouse over one of those 4 buck WalMart mousepads with the water droplets on it, or over the bare desktop.

I haven't always used a mousepad, I presently do, but over the years, I guess that I haven't used one about as much as I have. I know people that have never owned one. But, I do own a couple of nice ones, and I appreciate a good mousepad. I guess I should be totally honest, and say that the main reason I seldom use my favorite gaming mousepad is that my wife doesn't care for it.

Besides gaming, in performing duties for another website I work for, I copy and paste text, URLs, etc, as many as a few hundred times per sitting. A nice, slick mouse pad makes the job much easier. Let's see how Best Feel's offerings perform.

Best Feel VisRa PS and VisLa MS Gaming Mousepads

The difference between the VisRa and the VisLa mousepads is that the VisRa is for right-handed gamers, and the VisLa is for lefties. The "PS" stands for "polished surface", and the "MS" stands for "matte surface". In the photo below, you will see the difference between the texture of the MS (upper) and PS (lower) surfaces. My VisRa sample has a polished surface, and the VisLa has the matte.

Specifications (PS Model):

- Large surface
- Velvet Texture
- most accurate
- rock steady
- long life
- comfortable
- Excellent Chemical Resistance
- Suitable for all gamers
- workable for all mice
- 14" x 11" x 0.11" (355mm x 280mm x 3mm)

The only difference in the specifications for the MS model is "Rough Texture".

Real Time Pricing

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