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Product: Kingston DataTraveler Secure 2GB Flash Drive
Date: May 5, 2007
Author: Bob Buskirk
Edited By: Ashley Donaldson
Provided By: Kingston
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Usage & Testing

When you first plug in the drive the usual window will popup. Inside you will find the MyDataZone application, MyTraveler application, and 2 readme files. You first want to install the MyTraveler application. The MyTraveler application is very cool it will allow you to do things like synchronize folders, enable write protection, and login to your privacy zone.

After you have installed the MyTraveler software you can run the MyDataZone application. Here you will be first asked to format your flash drive (why you need to install the MyTraveler software first. The MyDataZone format will let you select how much space you want for your privacy zone. You also input your password to be used to access your privacy zone. From there you are brought to a login screen. If you check the trust this computer box you will not need to input your password in the future when accessing your privacy zone. Also if you hit the setting button you can reformat to a larger or smaller privacy zone size, or change your password.

When you are in your privacy zone all files are highlighted orange to let you know you are in your privacy zone. So I put 2 files in my privacy zone, my 2006 taxes and my website traffic stats. I consider these files to be very important so I don't want anyone to be able to access these files if I lose my flash drive. To logout of your privacy zone just double click on the Logout MyDataZone icon, then you will be brought back the "open" part of your drive. In the open part of my drive I have 2 reviews I have been working on. The 2 private files are not visible on the open side and the 2 open files are not visible on the private side. It's basically like having 2 separate drives.

Ok now for some speed testing. We will be testing the drive against a 1GB Corsair Voyager flash drive. Our testing software is HD Tune. Here are our results...

As expected the DataTraveler Secure beat out the Corsair Voyager. Finally we have the water test. This drive claims to be waterproof up to 4 feet so of course he had to test it! I filled up my bathroom sink and dropped the drive in. I waited a few minutes than took the drive out. After drying it off I plugged it back into my computer and it worked fine. I ran HD Tune again and got the basically the same results as what you see above.

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