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Product: Lowepro Stealth Reporter D650 AW Camera & Notebook Bag
Date: April 5, 2007
Author: Bob Buskirk
Edited By: Ashley Donaldson
Provided By: Lowepro
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Lowepro is probably one of the best and well known camera bag companies in the world. For over 40 years they have been providing high quality bags to protect that expensive camera of yours. Now with so many people having D-SLR cameras and being on site at events with laptops Lowepro has developed many bags that will carry and protect both your camera and laptop. Today we will be taking a look at one such bag, the Stealth Reporter D650 AW.


Created for photojournalists and news photographers, the Stealth Reporter D650 AW is designed to withstand the elements while providing quick access to lenses and digital accessories. Although the Stealth Reporter D650 AW was designed to be light weight, it's still heavy on features and durability. Durable ballistic nylons, high density closed cell foams, deluxe shoulder strap, metal hardware and an All Weather Cover ensure that this one tough bag. After all, the last thing you need to worry about is your camera equipment.


Our Lowepro bag was sent directly from Lowepro via UPS. You cannot order directly from Lowepro, but there are a ton of online retailer's and a lot of places like Best Buy and Ritz Camera sell Lowepro products. Opening up the box the actual bag was in a plastic bag. This protects the bag from the elements during shipping. I think all Lowepro products come like this because last year I ordered a bag off Amazon and it came wrapped in the same bag.

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