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Product: ViewSonic VX2235 22-inch HD Widescreen Monitor
Date: April 2, 2007
Author: Bob Buskirk
Edited By: Ashley Donaldson
Provided By: ViewSonic
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Most of my testing was done at the default 1680X1050 resolution. This gives us a 16:10 aspect ratio. I am used to this resolution and aspect ration because I use the Dell 2005FPW as my main monitor. It just so happened that I was testing a graphics card so I was able to test almost every game I have on the monitor as well as video benchmarking programs like 3DMark. During all of the game testing the display looked great. I did not notice any ghosting or pixilation at all. Running games at max resolutions of 1680X1050 is great too!

I watched a few DVD's and video podcast's on the display. The movies looked great. Although some were stretched because they were in a 3:4 aspect ratio and had to be stretched to fit the 16:10 aspect ratio. The audio when gaming and listening to music was alright, nothing that great. Remember the speakers are only 2.5 watt so you should expect much out of them. You would be better to go out and get a set of separate speakers.

Final Thoughts

I really enjoy using a monitor with a 16:10 aspect ratio. I am so used to it I don't think I could go back to anything else. Using a 1680X1050 resolution is great for productivity. I can easily have 2 applications running side by side. I can even have a movie running up in the corner of the screen and be writing something in word. If you are looking at getting a new monitor 16:10 is the way to go. The only 2 things that I see missing from the VX2235wm is the ability to pivot from side to side and USB ports. Well the USB ports are not so important, I guess I am just so used to them because of my Dell. But in order to move the screen to either the right or the left I have to move the entire LCD, stand in all. With my Dell I can easily move the screen.

The display on the screen is great. Out of the box everything was ready to go and I really did not have to adjust anything for it to look the way I wanted it to. As I said above watching movies on the screen was great, of course if they are in 3:4 aspect ratio they will be stretched. Gaming was also a lot of fun. With a 5ms response time you will not experience any ghosting. This monitor matched with our ASUS EAX1950 Pro video card was great. Games look amazing and the large gaming resolution made the gaming experience even better.

So is this monitor for you? I would say if you do not care about the USB ports and having to move the entire monitor when you want to adjust it left or right then this monitor is for you. The screen quality and performance is great. Also the glossy black paint on the display makes it stand out among other displays out there. The suggested retail on the VX2235wm is $429, but as you can see from our real time pricing you can get it for less than that. ThinkComputers give the ViewSonic VX2235 22-inch HD Widescreen Monitor a 9 out of 10 score.


- Attractive glossy paint finish
- Great screen quality and performance
- Widescreen 16:10 aspect ratio
- Can get it for under $400


- Integrated speakers not that great
- Not able to pivot from left to right without moving the entire monitor

Real Time Pricing

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