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Product: ViewSonic VX2235 22-inch HD Widescreen Monitor
Date: April 2, 2007
Author: Bob Buskirk
Edited By: Ashley Donaldson
Provided By: ViewSonic
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On Screen Options

The on screen options are enabled by pressing the 1 button on the front of the monitor. Then you can use the up and down arrows to scroll through the different menus and press 2 to select which item you want. You have all of the basic controls you would see on other monitors. The input select is also in the on screen options.

Something you won't find in a lot of on screen menus is volume control. That is because the VX2235wm of course has speakers on it. So the volume control is located in the menu instead of a slider on the monitor itself. When I went into the manual image adjust settings I was not able to able to adjust anything except for the OptiColor mode and OptiColor skin tone.

Setting Up

I set the VX2235wm up with my test machine. My test machine has an ASUS EAX1950 Pro video card so we will get great video quality. The monitor is of course connected via DVI. When we turned the monitor on the power button lit up bright blue. This is a cool effect, but nothing that will take away from the sleek look of the monitor.

Real Time Pricing

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