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Product: ViewSonic VX2235 22-inch HD Widescreen Monitor
Date: April 2, 2007
Author: Bob Buskirk
Edited By: Ashley Donaldson
Provided By: ViewSonic
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VX2235wm Overview

Taking a look at the monitor the first thing that I noticed was the glossy finish on the front. This really makes the VX2235wm stand out, as most monitors use normal black or silver on their monitors. The monitor is also very thin so it can fit just about anywhere without any problems.

Moving around to the back of the monitor we can see all of the connections. Just like many other monitors they are hidden up under the back of the monitor. On the right there is the DVI, VGA, and the audio connection. Other the left side is the power connection. Also on the back of the monitor you can see where a mounting arm would go. This is something you normally do not need on computer monitors.

On the back of the stand there are 2 cable organizers. These will help keep all of your cables organized easily. Also on the back we can see the hinge that enables you to angle the monitor up and down. This is good but a lot of other monitors enable you to adjust the height of the monitor and pivot and screen from left to right. The VX2235wm does not offer any of these features.

On the front of the monitor are your controls. These controls include 1, 2, power, up and down. The controls are very small and not that noticeable giving the VX2235wm a very sleek look. Also spread across the front of the monitor is the speakers. These speakers are 2 2.5 watt speakers so they are nothing that great.

Real Time Pricing

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