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Product: OtterBox 7000 Series Laptop Case
Date: July 4, 2006
Author: Kris Brozio
Edited By: Mike Smith
Provided By: OtterBox
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Installation and Testing

Installation was very easy as the pre-installed bumpers fit my laptop perfectly. You need to place your laptop in the case and adjust the bumpers for a nice tight fit.

Once you have it fit into the Otterbox, you can finish securing it by using the flexible Velcro strap.

As I said installation is very easy, and there isn't much to it. Once your laptop is secure you can close the lid, lock it and off you go ready for some exploring on rough terrain or just going to the office with one really cool laptop case.

I really did not know how to test the Otterbox Laptop Case, I thought of quite a few things I could do but they would be kind of off the wall things that I don't think would pertain to what someone would actually be doing with the Otterbox Laptop Case. I can say I have had the Otterbox for almost two weeks now and it has gone with me many places including an active construction site where it ending up getting a bit banged around, and did get caught in the rain, and ended up getting a bit muddy. I can say that my laptop survived fine. It also survived a couple trips to Starbucks as well. Having the Otterbox at home, my 10 month old son found it interesting and decided it would make a nice step stool to help him possibly reach things on my desk, it held his weight fine and my laptop was fine as well. Seeing him do that I decided I would try and stand on it as well, and I was very much surprised that there was very little give to the lid, and when it did you could here a hissing sound as the pressure was equalized inside the case. I hopped up and down on it quite a few times after I heard it making that sound just because it sounded really cool, like it was breathing almost. I weigh in at 160 Pounds, and I did jump up and down on the Otterbox with my laptop still inside. Again, my laptop survived just fine.


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