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Product: OtterBox 7000 Series Laptop Case
Date: July 4, 2006
Author: Kris Brozio
Edited By: Mike Smith
Provided By: OtterBox
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Otterbox you say? What the heck is an Otterbox? Well an Otterbox is a place where Otter's live, uh no wait, wrong review, that's for my Field and Stream Review. For this review an Otterbox is something that is really cool, actually it is the name of a company that makes some outstanding products to keep your portable electronics and other stuff safe from the elements should you feel the need to take them into the rough. Otterbox products can take a beating and keep your 'stuff' safe. Today for review I have the new Otterbox 7000 Series Laptop Case; this is one cool case I have to say. My first impression was that it looked like something you would see the military using, or maybe MIB's, interested? Read on to find out more...

Quick Specs

Ok, here we are going to take a quick look at the company and a quick look at the specs and features of the Otterbox laptop Case. - About The Company
Founded in 1996, Otter Products, LLC combines customer feedback, experience and creativity to produce the most rugged cases on the planet...

OtterBox...Never out of its element.

Curt Richardson, CEO of Otter Products, focuses on providing innovative solutions for everyday life. With three decades experience in manufacturing, Richardson demonstrates the importance of leadership, honesty and hard-work. Listening to needs and quickly adapting to changing markets has proven a successful tactic.

Built upon the concept of a "box-like," rugged case for storing valuables, the OtterBox is an ideal solution for any adventure-hiking, biking, diving, camping, fishing, hunting, boating, kayaking, traveling, swimming and more.

Branching into other markets, Otter Products offers the Cigar Caddy a travel humidor for cigar enthusiasts as well as the Zippo Cargo Case, the only Department of Transportation approved carrying case for Zippo lighters.

OtterBox also expands into the world of technology. Working with companies such as Apple, HP and Fujitsu to provide optimal protection solutions for iPods, PDAs, and PCs, OtterBox offers unsurpassed waterproof, drop resistant cases. Unlike other cases on the market, the OtterBox allows user interaction with access to buttons, dials, and more.

Richardson's desire to experiment with new ideas gives customers a dynamic product selection. Additionally, a 100% quality guarantee emphasizes a company commitment to quality.

As an industry leader, Otter Products takes the idea of a "protective case" to the next level. With product lines that compliment emerging technologies and protect valuables so that customers can find the ideal solution to fit their needs

Otterbox Laptop Case:

OtterBox Laptop cases will protect your PC like no other case available. Rugged case design that is so strong you can stand on the case without doing any damage. Bet you can't do that with those soft cases! And of course, it wouldn't be an OtterBox case without being waterproof. The case allows you to plug the computer in without even taking it out of the case. OtterBox Laptop Cases can also be used to protect Slates, Tablets, Ultra Mobile PCs, and Convertible Tablet PCs.

Case Sizes:
- 7020 Small (Fits up to 13" screens) MSRP: $119.95 *Summer 2006
- 7030 Medium (Fits up to 15" screens) MSRP: $129.95*Summer 2006
- 7040 Large (Fits up to 17" screens) MSRP $149.95 *Summer 2006

You'll notice the asterisk, these are not available yet, but will be very soon!!! You guys get a first look at them, and I get one really cool laptop case! This review will focus on the 7030 Medium Model as I have a laptop with a 14.1" screen.

And a side note the Otterbox is 'water resistant' not waterproof, meaning you could take it out in the rain, drop it in a puddle etc, but I wouldn't drop it in a lake and leave it there and expect the laptop to be ok.


Otterbox for iPod
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