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Product: SmarThumb 256Mb USB Drive
Date: February 7, 2006
Author: Kristofer Brozio
Edited By: Mike Smith
Provided By: SmarThumb
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Productivity Suite Explained

The Icons are all pretty much self-explanatory, but I will list a brief description of each for you taken from the SmarThumb website. I thought about taking screenshots of each one to show you but I don't think it is really needed.

Time Zone: A handy quick reference for the international traveler, with time conversion and brief information of countries around the world

Photo Album: Keep your favorite photos with you wherever you go.

My Address Book: Your very own digital phone and address book that you can bring anywhere with you. Just plug into any computer and find your contacts easily. Especially useful when you use more than one PC — no more ‘lost/missing’ addresses.

Auto Back-Up: Backup your work files to prevent accidental loss of data. While you work on your computer, back-up the file onto your SmarThumb either manually or automatically.

My Favorites: Don’t leave your favorite websites behind. Logon from any PC with just a click of the mouse.

My Mail: The answer to many a travelers’ prayer. It is a powerful email client that works like Microsoft Outlook® or Outlook Express®. Due to its handy portability, My Mail lets you bring your email messages and contacts everywhere you go. Just plug it into any online computer and My Mail lets you send/receive your mail. You do not need to configure your mail settings on the computer as it’s all self-contained within the SmarThumb™! My Mail handles up to 9 mail accounts — email and webmail. And to ensure the security and confidentiality of your correspondences, My Mail is pass phrase protected. For added convenience, synchronize your messages between My Mail and your PC’s Microsoft Outlook® / Outlook Express®.

Hosanna: A useful application to help you develop a deeper understanding of the Christian faith. Hosanna’s digital Bible is easy to use–whether it’s just for casual reading or for more serious study and searching for certain scriptures.

My Zip: Optimize storage capacity by automatically compressing your files when you copy them into your SmarThumb.

My Encoder: Secure all your important files with file encryption–whether in your PC or any other storage media. Unlike other file encryption systems, My Encoder adds a further level of security to the file protection process whereby a USB token, the SmarThumb is needed to encrypt and decrypt your file.

My Lock: Locks your PC keyboard and mouse, hides the screen to prevent unauthorized access and protects your privacy when your PC is unattended.

My Shredder: Ensure security of your deleted data. My Shredder securely deletes / erases files, disks (floppy disks, hard disks, etc), or magnetic storage media.

Not long ago I reviewed a USB Key that locks your PC and you needs the USB 'drive' to unlock it, it was nice and cool, but had no storage space. The SmarThumb takes all this one step further, it acts like a security dongle and can lock your PC, but it even goes further with the Encoder feature that encodes your files and they are only accessible with the SmarThumb. When security seems to be a major concern this function seems very welcome. The apps included are cool and only take up 47Mb on the SmarThumb drive, now seeing this is only a 256Mb USB drive that leaves a little bit of room for your files to be added. Personally I think that that is not that much room, and I would opt for getting a larger capacity drive, at least 512Mb. The 'My Mail' application can store up to 9 email accounts, just the email alone could easily fill the drive. If you want to add pictures then you will really run out of room fast.

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