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Product: CES USB Drives
Date: February 4, 2006
Author: Kristofer Brozio
Edited By: Mike Smith
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Hey look more stuff about CES! Yeah, by now you might be sick of hearing about CES, but I thought this would make a cool little article for everyone to check out. At CES the bigger companies give out their press kits on USB drives, and even on memory cards (got two of those!), and they also just give away USB drives to people who stop by to see them, they are either for review as with the SmarThumb or just a freebie like the Corsair Flash Voyager I received.

In total I received 8 USB drives at CES, along with the 2 memory cards, one of the memory cards was a microSD from Sandisk with the adapter, it had their press kit and an album from The Rolling Stones on it, the other was a standard SD memory card from Simpletech. Simpletech also provided a mini USB card reader along with the SD Card.

I know I could have gotten more USB drives if I would have visited every single booth there. I guess it is something to strive for next year, to see just how many USB drives I can get! With all these USB drives I got from CES and the ones I got over time for review I have a total of 11 now... What am I going to do with all of these? Dunno, give them away, use them for various things, who knows...

While I was checking all the press kits out I noticed that some of the free drives were faster than others, so I thought it might be cool to compare all the free ones I got and do a short 'Roundup Review' of them all to see if there are any surprises. Looking at some of the names of the drives, one sticks out as possibly being the fastest, that would be the Corsair Flash Voyager, is it? Well let's find out! Since this isn't a real review, I'm not going into any in depth pictures here, group shots only. Here are two pictures, one is the drives closed, the other is the drives open.

That's it for the pictures... But you can get a general idea from them. They all have an LED of sort to indicate power and transfer of data, except for the Energizer one.

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