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Product: Jackson Armor Card
Date: January 31, 2006
Author: Kristofer Brozio
Edited By: Mike Smith
Provided By: Jackson Armor
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Installation and Testing

Well the installation process was actually a bit of a pain, I learned that it won't work with my setup. I emailed back and forth with Jackson Backup tech support for quite a while before even they gave up on me. My main system has a Maxtor 200Gig SATA drive as the main drive, and I have a Seagate IDE 120GB along with a Maxtor 20 GB in my computer. I had nothing but problems with this installation, even though Jackson Backup assured me that the Armor Card was compatible with SATA drives, I could not get it to work and I spent hours and days trying to figure it out and finally gave up.

The Armor Card worked fine if I unplugged my SATA drive, or if I unplugged the IDE drives, but not with all three in there at the same time. With my normal configuration the Armor Card did not even see my SATA drive, and it was reading the capacity of my IDE drives all wrong. When I unplugged the SATA drive it read the capacity of the IDE drives just fine. I thought that was weird to say the least. To be honest I was really looking forward to getting this product for review, it sounded like a great idea that could protect my system. A couple months ago I lost my main hard drive and I lost ALL of my data, I had to re-do reviews and articles, plus I lost all my personal data, something I thought the Armor Card would be perfect to protect me from happening again, but oh well, it was not meant to be. So I set out to finish this review by gathering all my parts together and building an entirely new system just to review the Armor Card, it is an Athlon XP based system in an XG Dragon case. I needed to build another system anyway to test products instead of always ripping apart my main system, so in the end it will work out for the good. Here is a quick pic of it installed in my main system, the card above it is my 7800GTX with Thermalright V-1 ultra VGA cooler attached. You can see the Armor Card is very small it is just a bit smaller than my PCI slot.

Here it is installed in the second system with just one hard drive:

During installation you may have to go into your BIOS and change settings for the Armor Card to be recognized by your system, I had to do this. So after that I was greeted with a nice screen:

On first run you need to bypass this screen and go to Windows to install the drivers. After that you have to re-boot again, then you can activate the Armor Card from the same menu screen. It has many configuration options, but for this review I choose the Quick Installation to protect my hard drive from any problems and since I have only one partition it makes it easy to do. Now the basic setting is to be able to restore your computer to the exact way it was when you installed the Armor Card, so to do this I took my portable hard drive and transferred a bunch of stuff to it, then transferred it to my Armor Card protected PC. I re-booted my computer and it was all gone, just like I never put it there.

Now you might wonder what use is this if you install programs or use your computer a lot, well the Armor Card is fully configurable and can be set to only protect certain partitions or areas of your hard drive. Which in itself is very cool, you can set a partition up for all your 'stuff' and go about your business and the Armor Card ignores it but still protects Windows from viruses, adware etc.

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