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Product: X-Micro Mini DisGO 20GB Portable Hard Drive
Date: January 24, 2006
Author: Kristofer Brozio
Edited By: Mike Smith
Provided By: X-Micro
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More Testing

Finally from the Diskbench tests we have the “Read Time” graph:

And here again shorter time is better and higher transfer rate is better. Of course the Maxtor SATA has the best of both, but surprisingly the Seagate and the Apricorn EZ-Bus are very closely matched. With the X-Micro DisGo coming in 4th place and the Corsair Flash Voyage coming in 5th place overall.

What did we learn from this? Well Diskbench is a nice 'real-world' set of tests, and we can learn the actual performance of devices by using it. We've learned that the X-Micro DisGo is faster than a flash drive but slower than other portable storage devices. The DisGo is larger than a flash drive, but smaller than the other portable drive. If size is an issue then you would go with the flash drive or the X-Micro DisGo. I believe the small size of the X-Micro negates any speed differences that the larger drive might have, especially if space is at a minimum, like with most travelers it is.

Next up we can look at the results from HD Tach RW:

Now here burst and read speeds are higher equals better and the access time is lower equals better. Again the IDE and SATA drives are of course better in most respects, but the Corsair Flash Voyager actually best the Maxtor SATA for access time, which was to be expected for flash memory. We can see from the results that the X-Micro DisGo, the other portable HDD and the flash drive all have very close speeds, with the DisGo coming in very close to the access time of the flash drive.

Now we have results of HDTune:

These are essentially the same as HDTach RW, higher burst and read speeds are better and lower access time is better. Here we see that the DisGo actually matches the access time of the SATA drive, and beats the transfer and burst speeds of it.

Now for Sandra, no graph this time, I am just reporting the highest speeds achieved by each drive to compare them.

Apricorn EZ-Bus: 28399 kb/sec, 161x
Corsair Flash Voyager: 18569 kb/sec, 105x
Maxtor SATA: 63351 kb/sec, 359x
Seagate IDE: 55706 kb/sec, 316x
X-Micro DisGo: 17818 kb/sec, 101x

Here again of course the IDE and SATA drives are the fastest. The DisGo and the Voyager are very close in speeds and relative size, with the DisGo coming in slower but I doubt in the real world you would ever notice it.

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