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Product: X-Micro Mini DisGO 20GB Portable Hard Drive
Date: January 24, 2006
Author: Kristofer Brozio
Edited By: Mike Smith
Provided By: X-Micro
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Installation and Testing

Installation is very easy, just plug into available USB port and Windows XP will automatically recognize and install, later versions of Windows may require a driver. For testing I will be comparing to another portable hard drive, a 20GB EZ-BUS from Apricorn, and I will also be comparing it to a 512Mb Corsair Flash Voyager USB drive, my Maxtor SATA HDD and my Maxtor IDE HDD as well. I think you can get a nice comparison from all of these tests.

I will be using several tests to test the speeds of each device and compare them; HD Tach from Simplisoftware, SiSoft Sandra, HDTune and DiskBench will all be used for testing. For my tests using Disk Bench I will compare copy speed from hard disk to each device using a 349Mb .AVI file, I will test the time it takes to create a 360Mb file on each device, and the time it takes to read the same 349Mb file.

First up we have the “Copy Time” graph:

We can see the time is seconds it take to transfer the 349Mb file from hard drive to each device and the transfer rate is MB/sec. Lower time is better and higher transfer rate is better. I was surprised by the results, I thought the Corsair Flash Voyager would have better speeds but it didn't, the X-Micro DisGo actually beat it and came very close to the speeds on the Seagate IDE drive. Of course the Maxtor SATA drive beat all of them as you would expect. In all the X-Micro DisGo performed very well.

Next up we have the “Create Time” graph:

Again shorter time is better and higher transfer rate is better. Of course the IDE and SATA drives win out as is to be expected, again though we can see the Corsair is beat out by all, but this isn't a review of the Corsair, and not a comparison of the Corsair to other flash drives, it was just put in as a representation of flash drives. Comparing the X-Micro to the Apricorn, we can see the Apricorn has a 30 second plus advantage on the X-Micro. If 30 seconds matters that much to you then that might be a problem, but 30 seconds is not a big deal to me, I am not in that much of a hurry. Also, the Apricorn drive is about twice as long and twice as thick as the X-Micro DisGo. Here again the X-Micro DisGo has a decent showing in the creation time, not the fastest but not the slowest either.

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