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Product: Ministry of Sound StikAx
Date: January 23, 2005
Author: Mike Smith
Provided By: Ministry Of Sound
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Installation and Testing

Installation of the StikAx software is painless, insert the CD-Rom and let it autorun, the software installs, puts the icon on your desktop and youíre good to go. The test unit that came in also included a bundled ďVinylCallĒ CD full of samples to use with the device. Both audio and video samples were included on it. There is no install for these samples, you simply copy the ones you want over to your hard drive or read them directly from the CD. I found it easier to just copy them all over into a directory on my drive.

Rather than doing a run and gun style review here where I test the device and then report on it, Iíll be updating this review daily as I learn to master the StikAx over the next week. If all turns out well Iíll be including the fruits of this labor along with this review for your listening pleasure (or torture).

Day 1: The Ax arrived and I installed the software. Immediately I was putting together mixes and also experimenting with using sample files from my large collection of Magix Music Maker CDís. Iím discovering that by using Magix program along with the StikAx and its TrakAx software Iíll be able to more fully realize the potential of the device.

The samples included with the StikAx seem to be a bit more seamless and flow with the deviceís function a bit better but by tweaking my collection of samples Iím able to make those work just fine. Some samples work better than others when used on the StikAx.

The impression I have of the device as of this point in time, which is only about 8 hours after hooking it up, is that itís basically just another USB input device that could take any one of an infinite amount of configurations. More or less itís just a collection of function keys laid out in a pattern that is easy to handle. It does kind of have the feel of a musical instrument, though more along the lines of one youíd fine in a Canteena on Tattoine. But thatís all part of the fun.

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