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Product: Ministry of Sound StikAx
Date: January 23, 2005
Author: Mike Smith
Provided By: Ministry Of Sound
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The StikAx from Ministry of Sound is a device to help budding mixmasters and DJ’s create new and creative music mixes, put together elaborate audio and video presentations and in general have a lot of fun. The device comes with the software and sound samples you need to get started right away. Ease of use and intuitive design make the StikAx fun and enjoyable.

First Looks

When the StikAx arrived the first impression I had after taking it out of the box was “Hmmm, now that’s a funky looking cross between a game pad and a saxophone”. The StikAx sports a bevy of buttons, 4 on its top side labeled A through D and four along its handled numbered 1 through 4 plus two thumb position buttons and an infra red beam just above those buttons. If Buck Rogers was a DJ, this is what he might carry around as it does resemble some sort of ray gun. The packaging is minimalist in that it has no funky fold out flaps or see through panels. It looks somewhat like a small cereal box. It’s festooned with plenty of images of the device, the software and information about what it does and how cool it is. The device is nestled in a plastic tray with the software and documentation. It also features an abundantly long USB cable so you can move around with ease while using the device.

I have to say that the documentation, while it is in full color, has the appearance of being whipped off on an inkjet printer but it doesn’t hurt anything. The printed documentation isn’t all that important anyway because, as you’ll see, the software comes with ample tutorials and information to have you working with the StikAx like an old hand in no time.

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