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Product: Logitech G5 Laser Mouse
Date: December 9, 2005
Author: Kristofer "Dracos" Brozio
Provided By: Logitech
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Installation and Testing

Installation is easy, just plug it into a free USB port, install the Setpoint software, which is optional, but allows you to customize the mouse buttons and add more sensitivity levels. Installing the Setpoint software is highly recommended to get the full experience from the G5.

One thing very cool is that you can independently adjust the X and Y axis if you desire. Truly a professional gaming mouse.

Here is a picture of the LED display on the side showing the DPI settings.

For testing, I did my normal everyday activities, but of course I had to play games. I found that the middle setting of 800DPI was great for all around work. Setting to 2000DPI was just was to sensitive for browsing the web or any other of my daily activities, moving the mouse. I run dual monitors and moving the mouse about an inch would span from the far side of my left monitor to the far side of my right monitor, and it was hard to do pinpoint tasks. Now this is not a bad thing at all for gaming. Setting the 400DPI was to slow for normal everyday activities, but great for sniping or doing intricate work like photo editing where you are working with pixel by pixel.

I have installed FarCry, Hammer and Sickle, GUN, Land of the Dead, Battlefield2, Unreal2k4, and F.E.A.R.. Of course I had to get in some time on all of them. While playing I found myself using all three sensitivity settings for various situations. I found that having the ability to change the settings a great asset to my gameplay and made the games actually more fun to play.

The feel of the mouse is great, not to big, not to small, just right. The sides of the mouse are textured for a better grip.

Since I have owned the MX1000 since it first came out, I am very used to having a wireless mouse, the cord is my only problem with the G5, and it is more of a personal problem than technical . For those of you that have only used corded mice this won't be a concern, but there is an adjustment period to get back to using a mouse with a cord on it.

I tried the mouse on a few different surfaces to see just how it tracked. On my desk which is wood with a coat of paint in it (the top got ruined so I threw a piece of plywood on it, it works for me), the mouse tracked perfectly. I also have an Xray Thunder 8 mouse pad, the Thunder 8 is the type that is double sided, one side is a smooth surface and the other is rough. When using my MX1000 I liked using the rough side as I liked the added friction, but for some reason the G5 would not track correctly on it, actually the cursor barely moved. When I first plugged in the G5 I thought it was broke when using the rough side of the pad, but when I flipped the pad over to the smooth side the G5 tracked perfectly. Now the Laser Engine in the G5 is essentially and upgrade to the Laser Engine in the MX1000, so I don't understand why, if the 1000 tracks flawlessly on the rough surface, the G5 cannot. Even changing the resolution did not help. This is something to consider when buying the G5, you may need to buy a new mouse pad as well.

I also tried the G5 on a standard cheapie cloth pad, and it tracked perfect as well.

Logitech G5 Laser
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