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Product: Enermax Laureate Series Enclosures 3.5HDD and 5.25 CD/DVD
Date: December 7, 2005
Author: Kristofer "Dracos" Brozio
Provided By: Enermax
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HDD Installation

To install a hard drive, we need to take the enclosure apart, using the enclosed tool to push the tension tabs in, the enclose pops apart.

Now installing a drive is fairly easy, except for the fact that getting the screws in can be a pain, I dropped the screws a couple of times before I got them in place. The HDD rack is actually set back from the edge of the enclosure and you can insert you screwdriver through holes in the enclosure sides. There is not much room to work between the rack and enclosure walls, I did not have a magnetized screwdriver handy, so I used tweezers to hold the screws in place to help the installation process be a bit easier. Other than that, it is as easy as installing a hard drive in your desktop computer. With the Enermax Laureate enclosure you can use either an SATA drive or IDE drive. Sine you are using USB 2.0, I don't much of a difference in using either drives as you are limited to the speed of the USB, but I guess it is nice to be able to use either style of drive.

And here it is powered on, nice bright blue LED in there.

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