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Product: PrimoChill ICE - UV Green
Date: November 16, 2005
Author: Kristofer "Dracos" Brozio
Provided By: VoyeurMods
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Well I have to take back what I said earlier, you will still need to leak test your system with PC Ice!! This stuff will fry your system just like water will, at least that's my take on it from the tests I did, and you can see the results, the circuit was completed with PC Ice as the conductor.

Originally I was all for giving PC Ice a great review, but after those test results, I can't.

Now, it does help cool your system almost as good as water and it has other unique properties that water doesn't. Using PC Ice, you won't have to add algaecide, anti freeze, coloring etc to your system, and the price is relatively cheap for a 32oz bottle. I didn't even use of the bottle to fill my system, so you can get quite a few system changes, or fill a couple systems with one bottle of PC Ice. In all having a fluid that performs almost as good as water and is a one step, pre-mixed solution is a good thing.

Despite its redeeming qualities, I cannot forgive the fact of PrimoChill advertising it as non-conductive, and it is not Voyeurmods fault, or any other retailer that sells it. If someone new to water/liquid cooling believes that PC Ice is non-conductive and uses it with that belief, and they fry their system, is PrimoChill going to buy them a new system? I doubt it. It is wrong to advertise falsely, and my tests have proved that it truly is conductive and there is no way I would stake my system on it, and I don't want anyone else to either, that is why I wanted to do some better tests on it.

ThinkComputers gives PrimoChill PC Ice a 4 out of 10 score based on the fact that the PrimoChill company is advertising falsely and misleading the consumer. The fluid itself is a pretty good product just as long as you don't believe the hype about it being non-conductive.

I need to add that the above score does in no way reflect on Voyeurmods, they do a great job! I would like to thank Voyuermods for the chance to review PC Ice.

It was an interesting and enlightening review to do!

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