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Product: Metapo Clean Mate Robot Vacuum QQ-1
Date: November 6, 2005
Author: Kristofer "Dracos" Brozio
Provided By: Metapo
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Testing Cont.

Of course you want to know how it cleans, well it really cleans the little stuff up like hair and lint very well, it also pick up small solid items very well too. Here is a picture of two filters, one being clean the other dirty to show you the difference.

I thought my regular vacuum was doing a good job, I guess not. It is brand new, about 2 months old, one of those bag less things.

There is even a small space inside next to the dust bin that you can use to put any type of solid air freshener, even a dryer sheet will work! The Clean Mate will freshen your house while it cleans.


Well let's see, my wife loves it! That should be good enough reason for anyone to go and buy one, a women loves a tech toy! Anyway, I have to say I am very impressed by the Clean Mate 365, it works very well, it is quiet, and does everything it says.

It has become the new addition to my household, my wife actually talks to it, like it is one of our children...(not even going to comment on that... none needed)

Again I have to say I am thoroughly impressed by the Clean Mates performance.

ThinkComputers gives the Metapo Clean Mate 365 a 10 out of 10 score and our Recommended Award!

- Quiet
- Works very well
- Quick charging
- Long battery life
- Disinfects as well as vacuums
- Freshens while vacuuming
- Remote control
- Seems to learn

- None

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