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Product: Metapo Clean Mate Robot Vacuum QQ-1
Date: November 6, 2005
Author: Kristofer "Dracos" Brozio
Provided By: Metapo
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Testing and Installation

Well the only installation is installing the battery, which is simple enough, and you will of course have to charge the battery before use.

Testing was done be letting it run around my house for several days to see what it can do.

There are little 'running' lights on the sides that blink while the Clean mate is running. The display also lights up along with other LEDS pertaining to operation.

Here is a 320x240, 45 second clip of the Clean Mate in action with sound, you can see the sensor is very sensitive as hitting the blanket on my child's play mat. You can also see how it goes around obstacles, and figures ways around things.

Clip Link

The noise from the Clean Mate is actually lower than a regular household vacuum, when it went into my other rooms I actually had to get up and check to see if it was still running.

The remote control is just cool, you can control the vacuum just like you would a toy RC car if you want to, it is great for helping to get it out of spots if it gets stuck, and you will know it is stuck because it will start beeping to tell you. The remote also allows you to stop, start the vacuum and the motor, it lets you turn the UV light on and off, select the cleaning time and cleaning mode.

The UV disinfectant light can be used to disinfect while vacuuming or you can turn the vacuum motor off and just disinfect around your house.

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