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Product: Sunbeam X-1300 Mouse
Date: October 20, 2005
Author: Ken Bartko
Edited By: Bob Buskirk
Provided By: Sunbeam
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Installation of this mouse is extremely easy, plug in the USB cable and you're done. The cord is 3 foot long and for some people this might be enough, I have my system arranged differently and require use of an extension cable. Once you have this plugged in it lights up, rather nice and it's fairly bright as well. A nice red glow, although the glow dims down very quickly if the mouse is left inactive for a few seconds.

Next, let's give it a few clicks, you hear the sound of the click and you know you have depressed the button by this noise. The scroll wheel also clicks as you scroll. The clicking is a very nice feature and it also has a slight tension to both the buttons and the wheel. Compared to my Mx-518 it just doesn't feel right in my hand, it has more of a basic mouse design to it. I said earlier it looks sleek, but it does not feel sleek. I used this mouse on a few different surfaces: X Trac Hybrid, fUnc 1030 MBA, Battle Pad Sortie and finally just a bare desktop. Played many games of America's Army, UT2k4 and some Battle for Middle Earth as well as a few games of Warcraft III. Switched between 1300 and 650 DPI, you can tell the difference between them. When you have it in 650 mode it is more sluggish compared to 1300 DPI. Personally I like having my mouse cranked up when I'm playing games so I can spin and move onto a target faster. Everyone is different in their style of playing but I enjoy using my mouse set as high as possible. It held up well using it on any surface, even just a bare desktop. It has just the two buttons and a scroll wheel, on other mice you will find more buttons and depending on placement they can be a plus, but they do add to the cost.


In my testing of the mouse I found the mouse a little awkward to use, I'm used to mice that are fitted to right hand use over an ambidextrous one. It worked quite well in game play, normal everyday uses and the few times I edited a picture in Paint Shop. The LED glows bright while you are using the mouse but seconds after you stop it dims fast, there should be a slightly longer pause in my opinion. It lacks the buttons that I have come to love and use, but as I said those would add to cost. The X-1300 series retails for around $20 at just about any place you look. For the price you really can't beat it! It doesn't completely hold up next to my Mx-518 but for the lower price tag you really cannot complain. If you're looking for a good optical mouse at a low price I can say this might be in your sights. I would suggest this for the person who games from time to time or if you go to a lot of LAN parties and don't want to worry about breaking or losing your expensive mouse. Overall it worked well and my only gripes would be the LED dieing out too fast and how it feels in your hand. A more ergonomic design wouldn't hurt it, but that's just my opinion on it. Once again, thanks to Sunbeam for giving me the chance to review this low cost high end mouse. We at ThinkComputers give the Sunbeamtech X-1300 X-Sharp mouse a 8 out of 10.

- Switchable DPI
- Bright red LEDs
- Decent response
- Low price tag

- Quick dimming of mouse
- Slightly bulky

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