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Product: NYKO Airflo EX
Date: October 19, 2005
Author: Kris Brozio
Edited By: Bob Buskirk
Provided By: NYKO
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Mapping software: flawless. I kicked into FarCry and matched my most common keys to the ones on the Nyko in my left hand. The two shoulder buttons made handy crouch and jump options, D-pad for moving and strafing, analog stick for crawling and leaning, and the three middle buttons for throwing and binoculars. It was glorious. Even without native game pad support, the game had no clue.

The fan...well, I have mixed opinions on it. First, on high it is fairly noisy. This isn't an issue if you play with headphones, but with speakers, it can distract. And it's overall effectiveness is really without particular impressiveness. I eventually turned it off and didn't bother with it any longer. I would much rather prefer force feedback. If you really have a sweat issue, go see a doctor, and buy this controller. If you don' this controller, but leave the fan off.

The buttons I fell in the middle on. They layout is well balanced, with even the three middle buttons easily accessible, but I always felt like the buttons were a tad mushy, rather than nice, crisp clicks. Not bad, but not great.


I gotta recommend this to any console gamer looking to play more PC games. I also have to recommend it to any PC gamer looking to break down walls on games that don't support game pads, or that are used to console game controllers. The cord is a beautiful 10 feet long, and has a nice velcro strap to tie up any extra you don't want to use. It's comfortable, flexible, and useful. What more could you want?

The boys at Nyko get an 8 out of 10 on the AirFlo EX, as well as our heartfelt appreciation for supplying us with this review sample. Check out their website for a full line of peripherals for all your gaming needs.

- Long cord
- Fully mappable
- Works with games that don't support game pads
- Built in fan
- Plenty of buttons
- Comfortable
- USB powered fan

- Fan performance/noise
- Slightly mushy buttons
- Can't assign multiple keystrokes to a button
- No force feedback

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