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Product: NYKO Airflo EX
Date: October 19, 2005
Author: Kris Brozio
Edited By: Bob Buskirk
Provided By: NYKO
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Software Installation

The AirFlo EX comes with more than just drivers (which install like a breeze with the CD). No, no, no. Nyko has developed a keen mapping software as well.

Once installed, you can immediately launch the mapping software as the install closes. Let me run on a tangent here. I hear a lot of gamers, especially FPS fans, constantly come down on people who want to play with a gamepad. If you are like me, you laugh, move on, and head shot the mother!#)$()^%. I heart my game pad. Mouselook in the right, D-pad and shoulder buttons for movewent in the left. Screw talking to my teammates. Forget fumbling for grenades or turning on a flashlight. Move, shoot, kill. Keep It Simple Stupid. So, here is what I absolutely love about the Nyko. Some games, like FarCry, take the gamer stance and don't bother including game pad support. With the Nyko mapping software, you can physically link keyboard keys to the AirFlo EX. I press up on the D-pad, it translates as the 'A' key, and so forth and so on in that fashion until I kill your character. The only failing is the lack of assigning multiple keystrokes, but oh well, I can do without. Everything on the controller can be mapped that way, making it enormously flexible. As long as the mapping software is running (and it minimizes to the system tray), you get the mapping feature, game or no.

The Windows XP Game Controller dialog picks up the controller without problem and gives you full control over making sure everything is high and tight.

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