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EVO-G MP2 & MP3 Mousepads

EVO-G MP2 & MP3 Mousepads - February 13, 2009

Tired of using your desk, piece of paper or even that crappy old mousepad that's falling apart? Why don't you go out and buy yourself an EVO-G MP2 or MP3, the two mousepads we have a chance to look at today. These mid-sized mousepads are perfect for the average gamer and are actually quite comfortable to use. These mousepads are so soft and flexible that you could use them as a pillow at LAN parties. They both feature a high performance slick cloth weave and a powerful rubber base. Read on further to get a closer look.

Razer Destructor Professional Gaming Mat - May 8, 2008

The Razer Destructor Professional Gaming Mat is certainly something gamers should look into buying. Razer's test showed an increase in tracking of 37% with laser mice and 25% compared to other gaming-grade surfaces. This surface is of the highest quality. Razer claims it as the Razer Fractal surface for high-precision gameplay. Something that you probably haven't seen with any other gaming-grade mousepad is a protective carrying case, which comes included with the Destructor. Perfect for on-the-go gamers.

SteelSeries SX Mousepad - July 17, 2007

SteelSeries has surely created a mousepad that has surpassed all of their other mousepad's. It can't be compared to any other professional gaming surface available today. The newly released Steelseries SX precision gaming mousepad is composed of fiber polished aluminum with anodized oxide coating, allowing for an uber smooth gaming surface for precise wrist action in all of your games. The SteelSeries SX was designed for the hardcore gamers who really want to experience a different feel to communicating with your computer.

BestFeel VisRa PS, VisLa PS, and VisFa Gaming Mousepads - June 8, 2007

If you really think about it, a gaming mousepad is the thing that sets the really serious gamer apart from the others. You build or buy this really powerful system, complete with a powerful gaming video card.or two.or four, a rather pricey 7.1 sound card, then you invest in surround sound speakers or upper end headphones, get a gaming keyboard, and buy a really nice high DPI gaming mouse. And then drag the mouse over one of those 4 buck WalMart mousepads with the water droplets on it, or over the bare desktop.

SteelPad QcK heavy Gaming Mousepad - June 5, 2007

Mousepads may not be a big deal to some, but for many gamers it is a key component to gaming. The SteelPad QcK heavy, brought to you by SteelSeries, offers every aspect that a gamer needs to succeed in their tournaments, clan matches, and casual gaming. Let's take a further look to see if it really stands up to the title of professional gaming equipment.

Steelpad 5L Mousepad - August 13, 2006

When it comes to gaming mouse pads there are only a few out there that top the list for being the best. SteelSeries is one of those companies and they've been making some of the world's greatest professional gaming mouse pads for years. One of their latest installments is the SteelPad 5L that is a whopping 15" x 11" mouse pad. We'll put this pad to the test and see if it really is the best gaming surface for the best gaming performance.

Xtrac Pro HS Mouse Pad - July 21, 2006

For the most part everyone needs a mousepad, the kind you need all depends on what you use it for. Today mouspads come in all shapes, sizes, colors and materials, again it all depends on your needs which kind you will need or want. Today for review I have a mousepad from Xtrac called the Xtrac Pro HS, the HS means Hard Surface. I personally bought this pad for myself when they first came out, but it was stolen while at a LAN center, so getting one for review is really cool to have a replacement for it. I found the pad to be excellent. Read on to get a more in depth look at the Xtrac Pro HS.

EVO-G MP2 & MP3 Mousepads
Razer Destructor Professional Gaming Mat
SteelSeries SX Mousepad
BestFeel VisRa PS, VisLa PS, and VisFa Gaming Mousepads
SteelPad QcK heavy Gaming Mousepad
Steelpad 5L Mouse Pad
Xtrac Pro HS Mouse Pad
Xtrac Ripper XXL Gaming Mat
Corepad Victory
Corepad Eyepads
Corepad Deskpad XXL
Func sUrface 1030 MBA
X-Raypad Aqua
X-Raypad Thunder 9
X-Ray Thunder 8
Battlepad Sortie
Battlepad Pro
Xtrac Hybrid
Flexiglow xRaider
Steelpad QcK+
Steelpad Steel Grips
FlexiGlow FX Pro Game Mouse Pad
Corepad Mousepad
Fragg Pad
Mouse Bungee

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