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Cooljag Mini LED Flash Fans - March 28, 2008 2006

Case lighting has definitely come a long way. In the early days, any and all case lighting involved a drill, soldering iron, some knowledge of electronics, and an attempt to find something that would work in a case that was originally beige. Today, it is pretty hard to find something new and unique, nearly everything one could imagine has already been done, but the guys at CoolJagUSA have come up with a really cool item, programmable LED marquee fans. Program a message to be displayed on your case fan.

Matrix Orbial MX610 - February 13, 2006

When it comes to character VFD's and LCD's there are not many names that come to mind, but the one that does is Matrix Orbital. Since 1995 Matrix Orbital has been making LCD solutions. Today we will be looking at one of their newer LCD's, the MX610. This LCD features the new PLED technology and has spots on the back to plug in 3 fans and 4 temperature probes. So let's get this review started!

Mashie Design MDVA - October 17, 2005

Modding products, where did they go? It seems like we never see any new case mods at all. Well if you?re into case modding at all, then I'm sure you have heard of Mashie. If not take a look at his website. As you can see he is very talented. He has come up with a great product that you will not see in other PC's out there. It comes from his case mod called Anemone, and it is called the Mashie Design Visual Audio, or MVDA. Finally, a new modding product, are you excited?

SilenX LUXURAE HDSS - September 27, 2005

This is an off wall item, it may not interest some but others will be intrigued. With hard drives becoming bigger and faster comes the sound of them screaming at high rpm's. Some drives are louder than others, that's where this product comes in. Like with the fans I just reviewed recently, this is made to aid your machine in being silent. I was taken back with the fans being able to perform as well as they did, and still keep my system running cool and now silent. I'm sure there are a good bit of people interested in this...

Logisys 15" Cold Cathode Light - August 10, 2005

Again another lighted product up on the block. I get most of them, it seems none of our other staff is into lighting as much as I am, I also like LOUD fans and get those if someone else doesn't want them. Well today we have the Logisys 15 inch Cold Cathode Light. Its actually sound activated, which wasn't expressed to me when I retrieved it, but this fact came as a pleasant surprise.

Logisys Double CCFL Fan Kit - August 8, 2005

Today you get blinded by the light; we have for your viewing pleasure the Logisys Double CCFL Fan Kit. Logisys has become a fairly standard brand in the computer market and is known for quality products. I like lights, flash and whatever makes my case stand out from the rest at a LAN. I was excited to be getting this item for review; will it live up to my hopes and aspirations?

Cooljag Mini LED Flash Fans
Matrix Orbial MX610
Mashie Design MDVA
Logisys 15" Cold Cathode Light
Logisys Double CCFL Fan Kit
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Sunbeam LED Screws
RazoTech RAM Mod
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Case Arts Artistic Thumb Screws
Vantec EZ-Grip Molex Connector Kit
Alien Fan Grill
Clear Fan Guard
UV Reactive Molex
Tec-Wind Thumbscrews
Vantec Cold Cathodes
Sunbeam UV CCFL Fan
Shockwave Fan Grill
Vantec Spectrum UV LED Fans
4inch UV Cold Cathode
Solid LED Case Fan
Clear LED Fan Grill
Mirror Finish Laser Cut Fan Grills
Custom Case Badges from LAB Home
Street Glow 15" Neon Light
Pcmods Rounded Cables
Pcmods Cold Cathode Kit
Thermaltake Memory Cooling Kit
The Card Cooler's EL Kit
Pc-Windows Mirrored Fan Grills
LUX Design EL Kit PC LightStrip
CrazyPC Window Kit & Appliqu‚
Dual Voltage Baybus
Quad LED Fans Bezel Cover & Appliqu‚
Jab-Tech Laser Cut Fan Grill
Dragon Cut Fan Grills
Neon Green EL Rounded Cable
Blue LED Fan
Sunbeam Cold Cathodes
Lian-Li Aquarium Side Panel
UV Reactive Wire Sleeve's
Flexiglow Lazer Beam Kits

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