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Pittco Iron Storm X LAN Party

Pittco Iron Storm X LAN Party - March 22, 2009

Pittco is a local LAN group here in Pittsburgh. The currently run the largest LAN party in Pittsburgh and their events are always fun. I have been going to Pittco events since they started and I was really excited for this event. Especially because with this event it was not all about PC gaming, there was a very large console section, which was never at a Pittco event before. I ventured out to Castle Shannon for Iron Storm X to game, watch some tournaments, and just have a good time. Let's see what this 200 person event is all about!

CES 2009: Shuttle

CES 2009: Shuttle - January 22, 2009

We took some time to stop by the Shuttle booth this year at CES. It was very exciting booth, Shuttle's theme this year was a solution for every application and it seemed like they had something for every computing application you could think of. Let's take a look at some of the more interesting Shuttle systems we saw this year.


CES 2009: iBUYPOWER - January 21, 2009

iBUYPOWER is another new company we met with this year at CES. They make custom PC's for all applications. What sets them apart from other companies that do the same thing is that they offer a 30-day no question money back guarantee, all systems pass a 72-hour burn-in test, and they offer lifetime toll free tech support. They were nice enough to invite us up to their suite to check out all of their new systems they will be releasing in 2009.

CES 2009: Moneual Labs

CES 2009: Moneual Labs - January 21, 2009

Moneual Labs has been coming on strong over the past year releasing cases and full systems. They really have some unique case designs. This year at CES following suit with many companies Moneual was showing many all-in-one solutions and a few cases. One of Moneual's HTPC's actually won a CES innovations award so we will have to check that out too!

CES 2009: Intel's Imaging Software

CES 2009: Intel's Imaging Software - January 20, 2009

One thing that Intel did show to us was their new imaging program that is currently in beta. One of the biggest problems people have is organizing their photos. Intel wants to solve that problem with this new program that makes a database of your photos so you can find them in an easy to use calendar. Not only will this system organize your photos, but it will also organize your videos as well.

CES 2009: Cooler Master

CES 2009: Cooler Master - January 20, 2009

Unlike many companies Cooler Master actually had a lot to show us this year at CES. They were nice enough to invite us up to their Suite at the Palms to check out all of their new products. They showed us a lot of new cases, CPU coolers, and quite a few products from their Choiix line of laptop accessories. Let's take a look...

CES 2009: Microsoft

CES 2009: Microsoft - January 19, 2009

Microsoft was present at CES this year, but didn't announce anything major. We did get the first major look at Windows 7, as well as a look at upcoming things from Microsoft Auto. There's also a new set-top box on the way.

CES 2009: CyberPower

CES 2009: CyberPower - January 18, 2009

CyberPower is one of the leading computer system manufacturers in the US, pumping out awesome gaming rigs and entry level systems. They use some of the best hardware available and really put together systems that anyone would enjoy. They were nice enough to invite us up to their suite to check out all of their new systems. Read on to see what CyberPower has in store for you in 2009.

CES 2009: SanDisk

CES 2009: SanDisk - January 17, 2009

Memory maker SanDisk showed off a few new things this year, most interestingly its third generation SSD technology. It received an award for its second generation SSD technology, too. We'd be in error to omit the release of its strange new PMP, too. ThinkComputers check it out.

CES 2009: Lexar/Crucial

CES 2009: Lexar/Crucial - January 17, 2009

Lexar/Crucial had many memory products on display, but there were two things which were more noticeable than anything: a computer in a globe, and the SSD shaker. The globe computer's memory was connected to various LEDs placed where major cities are, and the SSD shaker, well, shook an SSD like a jackhammer while a movie played from it. ThinkComputers was there.

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