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Gigabyte Motherboard Features: Smart Backup, Ultra TPM, and Dynamic Energy Saver Advanced -


Topic: Gigabyte Motherboard Features: Smart Backup, Ultra TPM, and Dynamic Energy Saver Advanced
Date: August 2, 2008
Author: Frank Stroupe
Edited By: Bob Buskirk
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Gigabyte Dynamic Energy Saver (DES) Advanced

If you haven't realized it by this time, you need to get out from behind your computer screen more, "green" is the word of the day, and the wave of the future. We have to lessen our dependence on fossil fuels, and that includes saving electricity. Most motherboard manufacturers are building energy-saving features into their motherboards, and the CPU manufacturers into their processors. Gigabyte has utilized Intel's latest energy saving measures into DES Advanced, is leading the way, their motherboard energy-saving utility.

So how does it work? Trying not to get too technical, Intel's processors' power requirements are delivered to the motherboard via a system called VRD, or Voltage Regulator Down. Intel's E-7000 and E-8000 series Core 2 processors utilize VRD 11.1, the latest and most advanced VRD. VRD 11.1 allows the CPU to use even less power during idle periods. Gigabyte's DES Advanced supports VRD 11.1, and allows for the most energy savings during sleep, idle, and slow periods than ever before.

The CPU power requirement is communicated via the processor Power Status Indicator (PSI) signal when the CPU is in the deeper sleep state. This PSI improves load efficiency of the CPU voltage regulator in order to improve platform power savings from VRD 11.1 compliant GIGABYTE DES Advanced motherboards. Since the fourth quarter of 2007, GIGABYTE motherboards have featured dynamic multi-gear switching to enable/disable power phases as the CPU workload varies. Older P35 chipset motherboards (with the previous generation of DES energy saving technology from GIGABYTE) are VRD 11 compliant and can drop down to a minimum of two power phases. Now with the new VRD 11.1 standard, GIGABYTE P45-series motherboards with DES Advanced technology benefit from additional power savings by dropping to only 1 power phase during deeper sleep mode.

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