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LUXA2 H1-Touch Mobile Holder

LUXA2 H1-Touch Mobile Holder - September 3, 2009

Before receiving the H1-Touch from LUXA2 I really did not know there was a market for mobile device holders, but there definitely is, especially for the iPhone! I am an iPhone user and I take my iPhone with me everywhere and I'm on it all the time. Instead of having my iPhone just sitting on my desk it would be nice to have it sitting in front of me where I can easily respond to calls or e-mails. That is where the LUXA2 H1-Touch comes in; it is the perfect holder for your mobile device.

AeroCool Touch 2000 LCD Fan Controller

AeroCool Touch 2000 LCD Fan Controller - August 17, 2009

The AeroCool Touch 2000 is an innovative fan controller and temperature display. It features a 5-inch touch screen color LCD which easily shows your temperatures and fan speeds on its two bay design. A black brushed aluminum front should look appealing for most cases. The lockable screen should keep you from changing any important settings on the display. Does the panel do what it's supposed to do? Read on further to find out.

Hiyatek 7 Port USB Hub

Hiyatek 7 Port USB Hub - April 29, 2009

USB ports, we never seem to have enough of them! With all of our new devices having USB connections it is easy to run out of USB ports on your home computer or laptop. That is why we have USB hubs. Today we will be looking at a 7 port USB hub from Hiyatek. It has a few features that other plain USB hubs do not have so let's take a look...

AeroCool CoolPanel 3 Color LCD Multi-Function Panel

AeroCool CoolPanel 3 Color LCD Multi-Function Panel - December 4, 2008

Today we have the opportunity to review the third series of AeroCool CoolPanel card readers; the CoolPanel 3. With a sleek black design and color LCD display it is sure to make most any case out there. This multi-function panel gives its user the ability to view sound levels, three selected temperatures and view three fan speeds. In addition to these great features the panel offers two USB ports, an eSATA port, HD audio jacks and a 56-in-1 card reader. Read on further to see what else is inside.

Foldable Multi Notebook Stand

Foldable Multi Notebook Stand - November 29, 2008

Like most of you I own a laptop and I use it a lot. Although sometimes it is hard to do work while I'm lying in bed or relaxing on the couch. Also many times I'm at a place where it is hard to find a flat surface to set my laptop down on to work. That is where a notebook stand comes in handy. Today we will be looking at the Foldable Multi Notebook Stand from USB Fever. We will see if this notebook stand is worth picking up at its $49.99 price tag.

Griffin PowerDock - September 17, 2008

If you are anything like me then you have a ton of music. Of course with all that music you want to take it with you so you have an MP3 player. My player of choice is my iPhone, since I take my phone with me everywhere. But since my iPhone is only 8GB I cannot put all my music on it, which is why I have an iPod too. Keeping both charged is a pain, and you know how mad you get when you are listening to some great music and your iPod dies. Griffin has solved this problem with the PowerDock that can charge 2 iPod's or iPhone's at once.

Antec Notebook Power Adapter - June 30, 2007

If you happen to have 2 notebooks or have lost your power adapter for your notebook you might want to check out the Antec Notebook Power Adapter. Now we know Antec for making quality PC cases and power supplies, but can they bring that same quality to a notebook power adapter? Read on and find out in our review of the Antec Notebook Power Supply Adapter.

Cooler Master NotePal S Notebook Stand - March 21, 2007

Cooler Master's NotePal S is the well-established company's latest-and-greatest notebook stand. It allows the user to raise his or her laptop off of the surface and angle it for better visibility and ergonomics. Its aluminum construction not only offers a sturdy, stable surface on which you can work on your laptop, but also offers limited cooling properties thanks to its channeled surface.

LUXA2 H1-Touch Mobile Holder
AeroCool Touch 2000 LCD Fan Controller
Hiyatek 7 Port USB Hub
AeroCool CoolPanel 3 Color LCD Multi-Function Panel
Foldable Multi Notebook Stand
Griffin PowerDock
Antec Notebook Power Adapter
Coolermaster NotePal S Notebook Stand
Griffin Elevator Desktop Stand
Vizo UFO 4 Port USB Hub
DTech Bluetooth & USB 2.0 Hub
Vantec SATA/IDE to USB 2.0 Adapter
USB 2.0 To SATA/IDE Adapter With One Touch Backup
Revoltec HDD Silencer
Mouse Grips v2.0
nMedia ZE-C26 External USB 2.0 All-in-1 Card Reader
Aerocool PowerWatch
Revoltec Thermoeye
AZIO BTD603-122 USB Bluetooth Adapter
AeroCool Power Panel
Vizo Master Panel
Lamptron Products
Plusdeck2c PC Cassette Deck
Vizo USB 2.0 Lan Dock
Corepad Mouse Skatez Pro
X-Micro WLAN 11g Combo Finder Adapter
Jackson Armor Card
AC Ryan Backy
USB Security Key UK-01
mCubed miniNG 2 Channel Fan Controller
Antec ATX 12v Power Supply Tester
Logisys Wireless Remote MultiFunction Panel
Seasonic Power Angel
FrontX Panel
CaseBuy EZ Power Supply Tester 2
Geeks USB to IRDA Dongle
Mutant Mods Lava Lamp LED Cable
Sunbeam 20 in 1 Panel
Sunbeam Lightbus
Sunbeam Chameleon
CaseBuy Ez Power Supply Tester
WiseTech Flash pro Cable
Vantec SATA EZ Swap
Extra Mod 80mm Fan Filter
Coolermaster Musketeer
Vantec Vibration Dampening Kit
Mountain Mods Icemax Fan Controller
Vantec Nexus NXP-205
Innovatek 4-fan Rheobus
Empowerhousepc Digital Fan Controller
Sunbeam Rheobus

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